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the foothills
A View from the Foothills is our web log; here you'll find news about this site, book reviews, and anything else we care to write about. More....
ex libris reviews
We read books. We review books. You read the reviews, and tell us what you think. More....
once-told tales
Stories we've written; maybe you'll read 'em. More....
expand home page
Tcl-based macro expander! Expand web pages now, ask me how! More....
notebook home page
Notebook is a personal notebook with hyperlinks and full text search. Never wonder where you made those notes again. More....
snit home page
Snit's Not Incr Tcl. Instead, it's a pure-Tcl object and megawidget system. More....
ramble home page
A new tile-based dungeon-crawling game. Really retro. More....
will's tcl/tk page
Tcl/Tk resources: Will's guide to namespaces and packages, object commands, etc. More....
the family cookbook
This is a work in progress: a collection of recipes to share with friends and family. More....
interactive fiction
Play Zork and the other text adventure games of yore! And a bunch of newer ones, too. More....
search this site
Can't find what you're looking for? Let us help! More....
our bookmarks
Other sites you might be interested in. More....
faqs about us
Who we are, how we do it, the origin of wjduquette.com, and more besides. More....
contact us
We'd love to hear from you. Really. More....

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