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Dick Francis has been amazingly prolific, writing some thirty or so mystery novels over the last few decades, capping his career as a steeplechase jockey. Most of his novels involve the world of horseracing in some way, and they all feature approximately the same hero: an incredibly competent, incredibly decent fellow, who helps other people for no particular reason and responds to abuse and violent discouragement by becoming even more determined. His name and profession changes, but his character remains the same.

Far from being unpleasant, however, it's comfortable. Francis' novels are reliably well-written and entertaining.

A Few Titles

In the Frame
Reviews: 1 March 1998
Dead Cert
Reviews: 1 March 1998
Blood Sport
Reviews: 1 March 1998
Bone Crack
Reviews: 1 March 1998
Odds Against
Reviews: 1 March 1998
Reviews: 1 March 1998
Second Wind
Reviews: 1 December 2000
10 Lb. Penalty
Reviews: 1 November 1998
Reviews: 1 April 2000
Reviews: 1 November 2001
To the Hilt
Reviews: 1 January 1998

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