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Jan Karon

orange marmalade cake for the soul

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What You Really Wanted To Know:

We've been getting several letters a week from other Mitford lovers, thanking us for this page, and telling us how much they love Karon's books. Thanks all of you for writing! And then they go on and say, "We've just finished her latest; when will the next book be out? Do you know?"

Alas, no, we generally don't know. The place to look, however, is the official Mitford website, http://www.penguinputnam.com/mitford. It's worthwhile going there anyway, though, as there's some good stuff there, including a newsletter with Ms. Karon's tour dates and (I believe) a recipe for Orange Marmalade Cake.

And Now, Back To Our Story

Jan Karon is the author of the bestselling Mitford series, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Mitford is a small town in the American South, and the home of Episcopal priest Fr. Tim Kavanagh. Fr. Tim is overworked, much-loved, and has a real talent for reaching out to the hurting. It's a rare thing to see real Christian people portrayed in a real novel; it's a nice antidote to the insipid saints and intolerant fools one usually sees in fiction.

Karon's Mitford reminds me more than anything else of Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon, but without the sardonic edge. Mitford always seems a tad corny when I try to explain it to people, but Karon has accomplished something amazing with Mitford. I am seriously allergic to sentimental, emotionally manipulative books, and yet I find Mitford amazingly, surprisingly moving. Jan Karon's books make me happy.

Books by Jan Karon

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Reviews: 1 July 2002

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