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Evelyn C. Leeper's Bookstore Lists
Find the best bookstores, where ever you go!

Amazon.com advertises themselves as "Earth's Biggest Bookstore," and it's not far from the truth. Their catalog appears to be all of "Books In Print". If it's in print, they'll try to get it for you. However, see Powell's Books for those hard to find out-of-print volumes.

Once Upon A Time
Specializing in children's books and the odd bit of literary fiction, and home to the local Mitford Appreciation Society, Once Upon A Time is a small gem. You probably aren't local to this area, but if you are, drop in.

Powell's Books
Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon is one of the truly great bookstores. They advertise over a million new and used books in stock everyday. Better yet, their entire catalog, including used books, is available on the Web. Amazon.com will get you anything in print; Powell's will get you things that aren't.

Vromans Bookstore
This is one of the great independent bookstores in the Los Angeles area. It's located in Pasadena, right on the Rose Parade route. Borders and Barnes & Noble stores are popping up everywhere in Southern California, including one of each in Pasadena, but Vromans goes on, competing with the giants on their own terms. They don't have a web interface for ordering books, but they'll gladly take orders over the phone.

W.H. Smiths online
Occasionally I want to buy a book that's available only in Great Britain; this is one place where I go to get it.

BookSense is an association of independent bookstores (including several of those listed above).

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