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In the beginning there was Rogue, the first top-view, character-graphics Dungeons&Dragons-style computer game. It spawned a wide variety of similar games, including Hack, Larn, and Moria; surprisingly, in these days of high-res computer graphics, many of them are still being played.

Thangorodrim - The Angband Page
Angband started as just another variant of Moria, a game dating back to the early 1980's; eventually it supplanted Moria completely, and has now spawned its own host of variants. Angband features extremely large randomly generated dungeons, hundreds of different kinds of monsters, magic, and a relatively serious approach to game play. A single game of Angband can take months. While there are are a number of official and unofficial Angband sites; Thangorodrim is the most useful as it tracks the development all of the many variants, including the original Angband and my favorite, Zangband.

Official NetHack Home Page
Nethack is the current version of the original Hack. In appearance, Nethack is much closer to the original Rogue than Angband is; each dungeon level is a single screen, and a single game is usually over in less than an hour. The emphasis is on creativity and silliness.

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