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ex libris reviews is a monthly collection of book reviews and commentary based on our current reading. Latest Issue: 1 January 2007
the foothills
Many of our book reviews first appear in our weblog, A View from the Foothills, along with a variety of other interesting things. More....,
authors by name
Our favorite authors (and some who are not-so-favorite), from A to Z. More....
authors by genre
Our recommended authors, by genre. We have eclectic tastes. More....
back issues
Our past issues, all the way back to January of 1997. Who knew we'd still be writing reviews over five years later? More....
reading aloud
I often like to read aloud to my wife, Jane. Here's a list of our favorite read-aloud authors, and a list of the books we've read aloud and reviewed. More....
children's books
We have kids, and we read to them, too. Here is a list of the kid's books we've reviewed. More....
our staff
Read about the people behind the reviews. And see our Frequently Asked Questions list if you'd like to contribute some reviews yourself! More....
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What we're all about

ex libris reviews is a monthly column of book reviews and commentary based on our reading and reflections over the course of the month. The books reviewed are not necessarily new, nor necessarily old, nor necessarily from any particular genre. You can read our current issue to get the flavor of it!

A new issue is published near the first of each month. You can subscribe, if you'd like to be notified when each new issue is released.

Many of the book reviews that appear in ex libris reviews first appear in our web log, A View from the Foothills.

Would you like to contribute?

ex libris reviews welcomes guest reviewers. There's no great commitment needed; if you'd like to submit a book review from time to time, you'll find what you need to know in our Frequently Asked Questions list.

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