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Ramble is a tile-based dungeon crawling game in the spirit of Angband and the original Ultima games which I'm working on for my kids to play. Ramble is implemented in Tcl/Tk. See The Ramble Chronicles for information on the design and implementation of Ramble; see Downloads for information on how to download Ramble.

The Ramble Chronicles

The Ramble Chronicles is a series of essays I've been writing on the topic of tile-based games in general and Ramble in particular; it includes reflections on game design as well as specific details of Ramble's implementation. If you're interested in either game design or Tcl/Tk programming, you might want to follow along. Note that these essays appear on our weblog. The essays are listed in the order they were written.


Since part of my interest in developing Ramble is how the game evolves over time, I'll be keeping old versions available here. There should be an essay detailing each version as part of The Ramble Chronicles.

If you download Ramble as a starkit, be aware that you'll need at least a Tcl 8.4.7 Tclkit.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about this page, feel free to contact me at will@wjduquette.com.

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