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What's New?

Snit V1.0 is now available (fanfare of trumpets!). Functionally, it's identical to Snit V0.97; it does include some minor optimizations and a couple of minor bug fixes. If you're happy with V0.97, there's no compelling reason to upgrade, except for the glory of typing "package require snit 1.0". See README.txt for the release notes, and the Snit man page.

Snit V0.97 is now available, with a few new optimizations and features, and a couple of bug fixes.

Snit V0.95 is now available, with many new features. I expect V1.0 to be pretty much the same as V0.95, minus any bugs we find.

So far Snit has proven to be a very successful experiment, but its current design and syntax is the product of its experimental history. It's now time to consider what Snit should look like as we approach Snit 1.0. Consequently, I've been posting a series of essays on Snit's design, syntax, and implementation to the Snit Mailing List. In addition, I'm posting the original essays here; but you'll have to join the mailing list to access the archives and follow the discussions.

Snit V0.93 has been released! It was actually checked into Tcllib in February, but thanks to external events (namely, a new baby girl named Mary) it never got released here. As usual, there are some bug fixes and a couple of new features.

Snit V0.91 has been released! It's been checked into Tcllib, and it's also available here! Some important bug fixes, and a couple of new features.

Snit V0.9 has been released! It's been checked into Tcllib, and it's also available here! The big news: support for the Tk option database!

Snit has been added to Tcllib at SourceForge, and will be included in Tcllib 1.5. Woo-hoo! All further Snit development will take place in that context, and any bugs should be submitted there as well. The Snit mailing list (see below) will continue to be the main channel for Snit discussions, however.

Snit V0.81 is a bug fix release; in particular, it fixes a minor incompatibility with the new Tcl 8.4.2 release.

Snit V0.8 is released with more robust widgets, a simpler component system, and a detailed FAQ list.
Snit V0.72 is released with a bug fix for a widget destruction problem.
Snit V0.71 is released with a number of bug fixes, and with more detailed error reporting. See README.txt for complete information on the changes.
Snit V0.7 is released with two changes. The constructor syntax has been generalized, and it's now possible to destroy an entire type.
Snit V0.6 is released with a great many changes. Among other things, the man page has been completely rewritten.
There is now a Snit mailing list. See below.
Note: The Snit V0.5 archives uploaded yesterday erroneously contained Snit V0.4. They have now been replaced with the correct distribution files.
Snit V0.5 is released with some changes relating to object creation and destruction.
Snit V0.4 is released with some changes relating to callbacks and private procs.
Snit V0.3 is released in the wee hours of the morning. Why on earth am I still awake?

Snit Overview

Snit is a pure-Tcl object and megawidget framework. Unlike most Tcl object systems, it isn't based on object inheritance; relying on inheritance only ties you down to the object system you've chosen. Instead, Snit is all about delegation: an object type can define its own methods and options, but it can easily delegate methods and options to other kinds of object. See the Snit FAQ list page for examples, including a dirt simple read-only text widget.

Snit will not bulk up your scripts or take over your life. Clients of objects created by Snit won't even know that it's there. It just makes life easier.

Snit Mailing List

If you have comments or questions about Snit, or simply want to tell me that you've taken a look at it, you can always e-mail me at will@wjduquette.com. But if you're using Snit on a regular basis, I hope you'll join the Snit mailing list. It's a discussion forum for all things Snit, and particularly for discussion of future development. You can join it by visiting the Snit Mailing List page and signing up.

Once you're signed up, you can post messages to the list by sending them to snit@lists.wjduquette.com. (The e-mail you get back from the list server will suggest you use snit-wjduquette.com@lists.wjduquette.com, but the shorter form works just as well.

I hope to hear from you on-line!

Snit Reconsidered--Toward Snit 1.0

The following are a number of essays I posted to the Snit mailing list as I worked out the design, syntax, and implementation for Snit 1.0. You'll have to join the mailing list to access the archives and follow the resulting discussions, though.

Important Links

Snit is now part of Tcllib, the standard Tcl library. Here are some related links:

Snit files and documentation

You can download the distribution as a gzipped .tar file, or you can download individual files.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about Snit, feel free to contact me at will@wjduquette.com.

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